Getting Creative

While we all love delicious baked goods, getting creative with them is not only fun, you can end up with some extraordinarily delicious new creations. For example, instead of adding only chocolate chips to a cookie recipe, why not add your favorite nut or some cinnamon? The only way that new recipes have come about is by experimenting, trial and error, and trying interesting new combinations. Next time you decide to make some bagels, why not add some pumpkin?

There are other ways to get creative with baking besides adding new ingredients. You could also add different ingredients to make your baking goods healthier and less fattening so you can not only enjoy eating more of what you make, but also change the flavor of some traditional baked goods in a positive way. Many bakers do this already by using nonfat yogurts in place of sour cream and other fattening ingredients. You can save your waistline and the great taste of all your baked goods by finding tasty less fattening ingredients. You will not feel guilty indulging in what you bake.

Another way to get creative with baked goods is finding new, fun ways to decorate them. You can learn how to draw pictures on the tops of cakes and pies with frosting. You can also find creative ways to add delicious garnishes like crushed nuts, pieces of candy, and decorative pieces of fruit. Baking should be fun. There are always new ways to create a baked item and decorate it.

While some people get really good at making the same types of baked goods, experimenting with new recipes you come up with or ones that you find in cookbooks and word of mouth makes the art of baking continually interesting and fun. Variety is always interesting and learning new recipes keeps your cooking skills as sharp as possible. Learning new recipes also helps you stay up to date on the latest in the baking world.